Sunday, October 03, 2010

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

If you know me, you know I love fashion. Not in so much of a slavish way (those new J Brand Houlihand trousers that everyone’s raving about? No interest.) but more from a design/style/love of beautiful things point of view.  I most I definitely squeaked when I got my hot little hands on the notorious September issue of US Vogue last month.

So I was super-excited when this invite popped into my in-box last week:

"The Dubai Ladies Club is hosting a fashion show tomorrow evening for young designers. The event is held for their VIP members and sponsors for tomorrow’s event include YSL, Emirates and L’Oreal."

I promise that my hasty RSVP (yes, yes and yes) wasn’t just thinking about the potential goody bags (more on that later) but also a desire to get a real insight into Arab fashion, and also a sneaky look into the Ladies Club. This in itself is a Dubai institution, frequented by many local ladies, and it hosts many such sought after events.

L and I donned our most fabulous frocks (mine, despite being knee-length with a mid-sleeve, did start to feel a little risqué when faced with a room of abaya wearing ladies) and set off. We didn’t really know what to expect, but what we got was the most fabulous fashion show: three young designers with three very different collections. Abayas were few and far between on the catwalk: think draping satin trousers and shell tops, stunning evening gowns, and more fabulous hair and make-up than you could shake a kohl stick at. I’m not a loungewear kind of girl at heart, but I did begin to wonder just how good I would look in a pair of satin harem pants whilst doing the swiffing…..

Aside from the gripping gorgeousness on the catwalk, it was also a fascinating privilege to sit alongside locals, getting an insight into their lives and style. I can’t claim to have made any life-long friends that night but a few things quickly became clear.

Handbags are crucial: the bigger and blingier the better. Perfume is strong (oud, which I love) and has a divine way of wafting over you as abayas swish past. Make up is detailed: heavy on the eyes, base is almost doll-like, and nails look perfect. Hair: whilst hidden by a scarf, it’s clear that Elnett is a key part of the process. Think big, think piled-up, think uber-glam. What’s not to love about the whole look?!

As the event drew to a close, our thoughts inevitably turned to the goody-bags. Yves Saint Laurent touche éclat, mascara, lipstick, more hair products than you could shake a stick at, and chocolates. Oh my. I nearly dislocated my shoulder trying to wrestle mine out of the door – possibly because we did avail ourselves to the contents of a couple of extra bags (ok three). Well our table was partly empty: waste not want not!

A fabulous and completely different way to spend a Thursday night. Needless to say, I’m all over the next one.

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Mrs Dubai said...

Oh,those were the days...sigh...

But, you know how the Emirati ladies create the big hair under the scarf? They have a 'piece' that's placed there to make the hair look like it's massive underneath so they don't look like pinheads in their abayas... it's not all hair!!