Monday, October 18, 2010

So Slooooooooow

I've been in the new pad for almost four months, and finally thought about connecting to the big wide world (ie sorting out my lack of internet ) a few weeks ago.  As my apartment is the only one tenanted on the floor, there is no open wireless internet connection for me to hi-jack as there was at the last place (don't judge me!).  Although my lack of neighbours means I never have to worry about turning the volume down when Janet (Jackson, of course) is mid-flow.

Anyway, part of the reason that I haven't got round to it is, I simply can't face it and the effort that it will take.  Any one who lives in Dubai will sympathise with me when I say this - the simplest task takes umpteen phone calls and patience, pieces of paper and passport photos.  And all this for internet which will cost me four times what it did in the UK and be slower than an original dial-up connection from the eighties.  Give me strength.  However, in a positive frame of mind, I emailed the main internet provider requesting an appointment.  This was four weeks ago.  You can guess, can't you?  Yes, I've heard nothing.

I've also strolled past their nearest retail outlet (thankfully just next to Waitrose, so not massively inconvenient).  Every time I've approached there's been a queue to rival Harrod's Boxing Day sales.  I've given up.  I have the Blackberry for any work-related weekend email issues, and if anything really important happens, I'll rely on my dad.  Yes, it was my dad who texted me with the news that Michael Jackson had died.  Despite the time and age difference, he was more on the ball than ANY of my Dubai chums.  Dad, it's over to you.

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Mrs Dubai said...

Tell me about it!! I went to Mirdiff City Centre today (don't judge me, it's an easy drive and fits with the school run) to visit both Du and Etisalat. One to upgrade our prehistoric internet connection (56kbps!!) and the other to downgrade my BlackBerry from Intl to Domestic as sadly no holidays coming soon.
Needless to say, after queuing for an hour in total, I left having achieved nothing.

Although I did get a new Rodial cleanser in the new Boutique 1.