Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ain't No Building High Enough!

They're keen on tall buildings here in Dubai. this weekend I discovered another one - the Harbour Hotel down at the Marina. Not the most spectacular of buildings (although Posh and Becks did deign to enter when he was here with AC Milan) but the view from the 52nd floor is pretty impressive.

As the hotel is situated at the edge of the Marina, you get to see all the other towers at that end, boats in the yacht club, and look back towards the creek - all from one location. It was a hazy day - not that the sandstorm stopped me lying by the pool in the morning - I'm British, take more than that to put me off! this meant that the view wasn't super-clear, but it was still very impressive.

To help proceedings along, there's a happy hour every day, with half price wine and delish food. The baked camembert (with rosemary and honey) was to die for.
The problem is that every time I venture anywhere new here, it then becomes a 'must-do'. Which means it becomes very hard to decide where to go when time is limited. Decisions, decisions.

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