Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Wire - The Drama Continues

We've just finished series three of The Wire. I'll try not to ruin it but i was devasteted when you know who got gunned down! The story has more twists and turns than the Big One in Blackpool and I was quite literally open mouthed as some parts of the plot unfolded. Gripping is not the word.
Next will be series four and five. I'm not sure how they can continue it to the same standard after series three. It was just too good. But I'm already looking forward to finding out!

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Anonymous said...

he got what he deserved! I was all for it and especially for who did it. Don't worry about Series 4 and 5 ... even better in my opinion. There are some new kids on the block now ... Marlo's the man!

Phil :-)