Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fountain of Noise

It's amazing the progress that Dubai is making - none more obvious than in our local vicinity. We're within spitting distance of Dubai Mall, which was (and still is, in parts) a building site when we arrived almost a year ago. Now the mall is open and the area around it has not only been excavated and developed, but they've turned it into a huge lake!

The centrepiece of this lake will be an enormous fountain, designed by the folks who created the gravity defying water displays at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Only this being Dubai, this fountain will be much, much bigger than the Bellagio's. I walk over the lake each night on my way home from work and have watched its progress with much interest.

I saw the army of Indian workers as they laid the foundations, painted the bottom of the lake blue (no, really. How else do you get sparkling blue water?!) and then as they installed the lights and fountain techy bits. My favourite part so far has been watching them as they get into dinghys and poke bits (I presume this is some sort of technical check?!) with sticks.

One night they had a very small part of it actually working. It was a very small jet of water but exciting nonetheless. When finished it will be an absolute beast and shoot water 500 feet into the air. God help the people who live in the apartments next to it when it starts in full flow.

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