Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greetings, indeed.

I'm getting used to the weird and wonderful prices of things here in Dubai. Some things (local fruit and veg) are amazingly cheap. 30p for 6 limes. Bargain! Othere things are horrendously expensive, with no real rhyme or reason.
Take for example, greetings cards. I stopped off at the local card shop on the way home to buy four cards last night. Guess how much they cost. go, on, guess. TWENTY QUID!!!!! YES, TWENTY QUID!!!!!!! And these were not gorgeous, handmade jobs a la Paperchase that you don't mind paying a bit more for. These were very simple, bog standard Clinton-card style ones. A scandal. And to add insult to injury, you have maybe a 50/50 chance of them actuaolly getting to the UK thanks to the ridiculously bad postal system. Great! Perhaps this is my chance to start up my own business??!!


The Hillman Family said...

Phoenix Cards (a UK set up) operate out here too, although the lady is based in the Ranches. Flat rate of 10Dhs a card. Check out the cards at
or contact Fay on 050 695 0611
Cheers, Alice

Vikki said... its the only way I have found to make sure the cards make it back to the UK on time.

Its not cheap but its worth it knowing they'll actually get there!

V x