Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Day in the Desert

So this weekend I fancied something a little different from the pool/beach combo which is such a favourite of mine. Instead I headed out into the desert. But not any old bit of barren (but beautiful) desert, a gorgeous resort called Bab Al Shams (can anyone tell me what this means??)

This involved driving out into the middle of nowhere for about an hour (and getting ever so slightly lost en route) until out of the sand rises what looks a bit like a small fortress. Once inside you meander through leafy pathways until you arrive at the most gorgeous pool area and collapse on a sun lounger for…well, about 8 hours actually (after paying the equivalent of 50 quid for this treat, you want to get your money’s worth!). Oh – and one point on the sun loungers – I swear that each one is bigger than the signle bed I used to sleep in when I lived at home with my parents. Huge! And vvv comfy.

It was quite windy on Friday but this didn’t put me off a full day’s worth of sunning. By lunchtime it was feeling pretty scorchio – they’d already started chilling the pool so this meant that there was a lot of squeaking (and not just from me it was quite comical watching other random members of the public as they strolled unawares and flopped themselves into the icy water, only to hear their howls of horror as they realised how utterly freezing it was.)

Lunchtime meant one thing only; time to unleash myself onto the ENORMOUS buffet. Food as far as the eye can see so as usual, I stuffed myself stupid. The chocolate fountain/ice cream making may have been a step too far, but what can you do?

After this there was really only one thing left to do – collapse back onto the sunlounger and snooze for the next two hours. Waking only to ferret through trashy celebrity gossip magazines and plan the night ahead.

My last task was to listen to Mr Kanye West singing about ‘The Good Life’ whilst watching the sun begin to go down. A fitting end to a divine day.

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Jasim said...

bab-- door or gate
shams-- sun

Gate of the Sun