Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Celebrity Heaven

Met with a fascinating person last week, the head of our global sports and entertainment division. She’s based in New York, with an office in L.A…that side of our business is utterly fascinating, and as a celebrity junkie, ticked all my boxes. Throw in my dream of working in New York or California and we had a t o talk about and you can imagine my excitement at meeting her.

The great thing about great people is that they are smart, incredibly good at what they do, but they also have charisma and personality. We had a good meeting and followed it up with dinner and drinks where business was tossed aside in place of gossip about boys, fashion, make-up, wake-boarding…as you do. And a comment from me about the outrageous price of US magazines here ($9 for US Weekly..) resulted in no less than an enormous Fedex package on my desk two days later…full of US celeb magazines from the New York office The universe is a wonderful thing!