Wednesday, May 05, 2010


It's been cloudy and grey here the last few days, and we've even had (shock horror) rain!  Apparently we have Saudi to blame - they've had horrific rainstorms - and we have a tendency to get the tail end of their weather.  Regular readers will know that the first time I saw rain in Dubai it sent me into a tailspin.  Years of utterly shxte UK weather, where rain can set in for a month at least, has psychologically damaged me to the point where, when I saw rain, I honestly thought it would never stop.  Despite living in the desert.

These days I'm not at all bothered, although I haven't turned into one of the many rain loving freaks who seem to live here.  My only concern is: please let it stop by Friday, eh?  I have a good 6 hours of pool time before I need to get ready for Rod Stewart!

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