Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I'm Back!

I know, I've been quiet, again. As ever, it's been a combination of too much work, late conference calls with the states, and too much partying at the weekend that's slowed down the blogging- sorry! So what's been going on in my world? Well....

The weekend was a blast. A full day at Shoreside (drinking started at 11 am, whoops) which was just what the doctor ordered. After a few weekends without beach club I’m a shadow of my former-self (quite literally – where did the tan go?!) so being in the sunshine was just bliss. It has already become extremely hot though – although the sea is still cool-ish. In about two weeks it will be back to its ‘warm-bath’ temperature and of no use to man nor mountain goat, so we made full use of its refreshing, if fleeting, qualities.

We had a lot of gossip to catch up on and the time literally flew by. Before we knew it, it was 8 o’clock and we were dancing in our bikinis. Whoops again!

Thankfully, Hive in Souk Al Bahar has re-opened, so we decided it was only fair to go and remind the staff who their favourite and best customers were. They greeted us like family members – to be fair, we are in there 3 nights out of 7…and it was genuinely great to be back in our much loved watering hole. I’m not sure that nine gin and tonics were a brilliant idea but they seemed like a good idea at the time and we had a riot. Thanks to Martin the hairdresser for his usual plethora of inappropriate yet utterly hilarious anecdotes.

We’re planning a tip to the Armani hotel this weekend, and we have a work do there next week, so a full update on that is on its way.

It’s been a sad week with the departure of the lovely V….after 18 months in Oman (with monthly trips to Dubai, natch) she’s headed back to the UK. I’m already missing her like a limb and starting to understand what long-time ex-pats mean when they talk about friends leaving and how unsettling it is. I’m not sure quite how long Dubai would keep its sparkle if my nearest and dearest started packing up their things…thankfully none of them seem to be getting the suitcases out for the foreseeable future..

This weekend it’s none other than Rod Stewart in concert! Scoff all you like, he wasn’t exactly a regular feature on my ipod either, but then I took my parents to see him in Manchester a few years ago and had such a great night that I became a huge fan. He’s supported by Spandeau Ballet so it should be a fun evening. Just don’t mention the ever-climbing temperatures!


Anonymous said...

Are you telling me that Shoreside is licensed?

KH said...

hell yeah! there were a couple of weeks right back when it first opened late last year when it was without a licence but it has a full selection of booze now...