Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hot Rod!

It’s not often that anyone decent comes to Dubai to perform, so when a couple of legends roll into town, we’re all over it. So this weekend was all about Spandeau Ballet and Rod Stewart. I’ll confess I was never a huge Rod fan until I flew the parents over to see Rod in concert in Manchester a few years ago…after that, I was hooked. I’m just a bit too young to properly remember Spandeau Ballet (honest!) but it was a great night.

The venue was the Rugby 7’s stadium, which is out in the desert and which I haven’t visited since, well, the Rugby 7’s…two years ago. It’s not a bad venue for a concert, with lots of seating for the boring fraternity, and lots of standing space for those who like to get a bit more animated (not hard to guess where we were, I hope!).

As I said, I didn’t think I was a Spandeau fan – in fact during the taxi journey there could only remember 3 of their songs, despite a lot of brain-racking. BUT when they came on stage it was a different matter altogether. Who knew my brain would have retained so many of their lyrics and tunes (thanks to young trendy parents for having such a diverse musical repertoire when I was a kid?!) One whiff and I was back to being 9 years old in Jersey. Brilliant.

By the time they’d finished we’d already had a great time – and Rod hadn’t even hit the stage! But hit the stage he did…what can I say..he is an absolute legend. Love the fact that a large proportion of his band is made up of extremely hot, leggy blondes (bearing more than a passing resemblance to numerous ex-wives!), love what a great performer he is, love his sense of humour (“This is my first time on stage in while, so excuse me if I drop a few boxxocks”) and most of all, love that voice.

Combined with a really perfect evening which wasn’t at all the sweat-box we’d anticipated, but warm, with a gorgeous breeze, and it was a very atmospheric evening. First Cut is the Deepest/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; well, let’s just say there were nearly tears. There was also a lot of dancing, and screaming, but let’s not go into that!

Even the fact that the white wine ran out (!) after an hour, and that we had to endure ‘the incredible journey’ to get back home (don’t mention the dregs of the earth we were sat next to on the bus, or the 2 hour journey…) couldn’t take the edge of what was a brilliant night. Rod, we love you!

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