Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dating in Dubai: Chapter One

I’ve never shared too much about really personal details on this blog. It’s a family show folks! But as I’m part of a group of girls, all in various relationship states, living in what is probably the most single city in the world, there’s stories a-plenty. Stories to make your hair curl, your eyes water, and to have you running for the nearest nunnery at high speed.
I’m going to tell you a few, gauge the reaction and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll share some more with you. One major caveat: the names of people involved are obviously changed to protect the innocent. And don’t go presuming that I’m the star in these stories, there are way, way too many of them for my diary to accommodate!

Thanks in advance to the girls who have agreed to share…

Here’s number one:

• Girl meets boy at beach bar.
• Boy asks for number.
• Boy pursues her relentlessly for weeks until she agrees to go on a date.
• Boy sends a slew of utter filth via text during these weeks.
• Girl and boy go on date.
• Date is going well.
• Boy and girl retire to her place to ‘get to know one another a bit better’.
• Boy is seriously hot, both is happy with progress.
• Boy and girl are having a laugh.
• 5 minutes late, boy starts crying his eyes out. Bawling.
• Girl adjourns to bathroom for two minutes.
• Girl returns and discovers that boy has done a runner.
• In his desperation to leave, boy abandons his t-shirt in girl’s apartment. (What? How? Etc etc)
• Boy then sends a slew of texts along the lines of “I’m so sorry but I can’t stop crying. I was thinking about my ex.”

There’s so much wrong with this story that it’s hard to know where to start, really. Number one: if you’re getting over an ex, don’t pursue other women like a wild dog. Number two: don’t ever, ever cry when you’re on a date. Unless you receive some REALLY bad news along the lines of a death in the family.

To be honest I lack the energy to go through numbers three, four, five and six. Of all the situations you can imagine happening on a date, this is pretty much the only one we hadn’t considered. It’s a scary, scary world out there, folks!

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