Monday, May 17, 2010

Where did My Willpower Go?

Another day, another evening drinking champagne in Dubai…..this time I had the best of intentions and had actually declared myself on the wagon for the week. The best laid plans….

Despite a huge sandstorm that came from nowhere yesterday (complete with rain!) L and I rocked down to the spa in one of Dubai’s swishest hotels. Yes, yes, I know, they’re all swish, but Al Qasr is pretty fancy. We’d been to the spa before for V’s birthday last year, and it is just as lush and wonderful as you might expect. Last night was a freebie, the idea being that they take a group of businesswomen, ply them with free stuff, and then aforementioned women either attend themselves as paying guests, or (better still for the spa) arrange some sort of corporate event at the venue.

We didn’t know what to expect at also were pleasantly surprised by a quick tour, which revealed that they are now offering all sorts of medical treatments (body scanning/colonic, anyone?) and after a quick sit down we were whisked over to the adjacent restaurant for delicious canapes and….free champagne. I defy anyone to turn down champagne. Especially when it’s free. And in Dubai. Treat.

After scoffing and quaffing to our hearts content we skipped off to get a taxi (via the worlds fastest golf buggy ride, it seemed). A quick rifle through the lovely goody bags revealed that we’d been given free dinner for two at Pier Chic, free brunch for two at Meydan, free massages for two at the spa, and heaps of Molton Brown goodies. Acompletely unexpected result!

Woke up at an ungodly hour and dragged myself to the gym before work today to try to work off the canapés… had to be done. And I’m back on the wagon – let’s see if I can manage for than 24 hours this time…

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