Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The girls, soon?!
Dubai is full of bright young things, throwing themselves around the city, getting jobs and positions they'd never get back home, and falling down drunk at Friday brunches.  Sometimes it seems like everyone in the city is in their twenties, displaying the vigour and lack of sense that you'd expect from ones so young.

Working as I do in a (sometimes) creative industry, I'm surrounded by whippersnappers like this, and luckily, they are, in the main, great fun and lovely people.  Last week it was the birthday of one of our newest interns, a lovely young man.  He was 22.

After I stopped gnashing my teeth at having to work with one so young, I tried to remember how I celebrated by 22nd birthday....I remember my 21st, in a very dodgy club in Sheffield which I took over with a variety of uni mates.  This being the 90's I had a boyfriend with decks who aspired to be an international superstar dj, so that was the music sorted.

I can remember my other significant birthday - 30 - as I jetted off to Marbella with the girls, as we did every year for a very long time.  We spent an entire week lounging on king sized beds at Nikki Beach and drinking champagne.

Hello 22 and I was living in Manchester, making my first forays into PR.  I honestly can't remember what I did.  Quite possibly hiked back over the Pennines to Sheffield.  Despite yearning for those hedonistic days when all we cared about was Fridays, podiums and corsets, I also remember living in a teeny tiny bedsit, being constantly overdrawn, and suffering from daily career and relationship angst.  Whilst I'd gladly embrace my 22 year old weight, the rest can stay firmly in the past.....and for those who don't know when my birthday is (shame on you!) you have plenty of time to start planning fabulous gifts and treats before June...

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