Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crocodiles and Pythons: Dating in Dubai

Bags: Yes. Dates: No.
A lovely friend of mine who is happily single has been feeling as if she should 'get out a bit more' and has thus thrust herself back into the Dubai dating game with vigour.  She's not one to do things by halves (and is gorgeous to boot) so has been on two dates in as many weeks.

We've all been rooting for her.  When a work colleague left the office for a date earlier this week, it was as if she was  heading off to war, such was the emotional outpouring of support.  That's how difficult it can be to go on a good date in this fair city. I'd like to say that my friend's two dates went swimmingly, with the prospect of new love on the horizon (I'm a romantic at heart, scoff all you like) but I'm afraid to say: NEGATIVE.  Highlights below:

Date One

"I don't really fancy him and he's not very hot.  But he is super sweet." Not the greatest of starts.
"Kissing him was hideous.  You know when you see pythons swallow an egg whole - I seriously feared that could be me." Oh dear god.
"It also felt a bit like when Steve Irvin used to wrestle with crocodiles!" Loving the visuals this conjures up.

Date Two
"He was dull and from munchkinland." We were told he was tall.   
"At least I learned some interesting facts about planes." He is a pilot.
"He now wants to take me out for dinner.  I think he must have been on a completely different date." Ah bless.
"The Tangro wins over him every time." To be fair, given the choice of a mediocre date or the Tangro, I'd choose the Tangro too.

So there you have it.  Thankfully as a happy single, my friend isn't crying into her Horlicks over these experiences.  But they do go some way to explain why you'll so often hear single people in Dubai say that they 'can't be bothered' to go on a date.  Good dates, it seems, are as hard to find as a goat farm in the middle of the city...


Mrs Dubai said...

Well, I do know of one goat farm near Al Murooj so don't give up hope yet xox

Britney of Arabia said...

i LOVE that goat farm!

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