Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ma'a Salama, Family

Heavy heart, begone soon, please.
I’m well aware that I’m blessed with a small, but perfectly formed family, and they didn’t disappoint on their fourth jaunt to the UAE.  They’re very easily pleased, loving each and every activity, whether it was flashy and fun (dinner and drinks in top notch restaurants), the real Dubai (cultural breakfast and abra rides) or just plain relaxation (pool and multiple episodes of the Good Life.)

I’ve been saying good bye to them for almost twenty years, so you’d think it would get easier. It doesn’t.

One  of my favourite bloggers knows exactly how I’m feeling.  When I read her recent post it was all I could do not to blub into my keyboard.

Safe travels darling family. See you soon, In’shallah.

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Mrs Dubai said...

It never gets easier. Hope you're feeling better now?