Sunday, May 08, 2011

High Jinks on the High Seas!

The Creek one is next!
One of the things I love about Dubai is that new inventions and initiatives pop up in the blink of an eye. This is great if you are a) a complete geek and b) have visitors i.e parents, who have been multiple times and need something new to add to the itinerary.

Well, worry no more if you do have imminent visitors, the latest hot ticket is….a trip on the new Dubai Ferry!  When I say ferry – it’s more James Bond than P&O, a triumph of Dutch design and engineering, and brand spanking new.  You can catch it from the Marina or the Creek, and for the sum of 50 dirhams (about eight UK pounds) untold excitement awaits you.

We chose the Marina route as it heads out to Atlantis, which, love it or hate it, is an impressive vision and unmissable from the water.  After a lovely amble out through the marina (cue much nosying into beautiful apartments, and drooling over boats that cost more than the UK national debt) the ferry gently noses out of the Marina, and into the Arabian Gulf.  Then it’s full steam ahead to Atlantis, which is just as spectacular as you would imagine.

Rather than amble back along the same route, the excitement reached fever pitch when we hung a right, and came back THROUGH the Palm, rather than around it. This is amazing mainly due to the fact that it allowed more untold nosying into the biggest, most extravagant villas you are ever likely to see. For approximately half an hour I daydreamed about leaving Downtown and embracing private beach living.  This was brought to an abrupt stop when I remembered just how much it costs to live there.  Sigh.

We headed back into the marina for more boat drooling before disembarking like a troupe of giddy goats.  I've no idea how much the Roads and Transport Authority invested in this new scheme, but it was worth it.  If I was you, I'd get involved with it soon - ours was virtually empty, but it won't stay quiet for long.  Next stop: Creek Ferry ride!

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