Sunday, May 08, 2011

No More White Walls

I've been updating the Dubai homestead in recent months, lots of new furniture, lamps, lighting, but most excitingly, with art.  My apartment back home had walls filled with beautiful Manchester photography and artwork, with my favourites being a toss-up between pop art Kate Moss (from a very clever German artist) and my 'corridor of Vogues' which was all my favourite covers, in sequence, as you entered the hallway.

It's hard to find decent art in Dubai.  There are heaps of galleries, but as I'm not in the market of dropping thousands on artwork (when I could be spending that money on seeing the world!) lots of people resort to the Ikea fall back. No thanks.

These wonderful people came to my rescue, and unusually in this fair city, understood what I wanted, without me really knowing what I wanted.  Crazy!  I wanted something edgy, Arabic, and I now have two beautiful, striking and (most importantly) utterly unique pieces hanging in the lounge (see left, although my photo comes nowhere near to doing them justice).

If you're wondering what the Arabic means, well, the graffiti on the left is a mixture of slang and names...much as UK graffiti would be.  In a moment of utter narcissism, the one on the right is my name, in Arabic.  No, I didn't go scribbling on walls to get the shot, the clever designer worked their magic and somehow did it for me.

They bring me such deep joy that I have been known to sit and stare at them, rather than the sea view! The parents were equally transfixed. Simple, beautiful things = such great happiness!

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