Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To Kindle, or Not to Kindle...?

I'm having a dilemma at the moment.  I'm an avid reader, regularly ploughing through a book a week, which rises to a book a day when I'm on vacation.  I usually have a wish-list of novels that I'm champing to get my hands on, and have book reviews falling out of each and every handbag, saved up to purchase when I'm next on the hunt for reading material. 

This isn't a particularly cheap habit here in Dubai, but due to visitor season and M's regular trips home (just don't mention the giant Tom Ford book fiasco!) , I've nearly always got a good stock of reasonably priced books in the pipeline.  I get jittery if this drops below five.

So here's my I jack all this in, and buy a Kindle? 

I love the concept of having 20 books  in my handbag, ready to dip into on all manner of occasions.  But I'm also a sucker for having a real book in my hand, flicking backwards and forwards...I'm just not sure that a screen could take the place of that.  Nor the glee of seeing my new books lined up on the shelf, waiting to be read.  The anticipation!  Not to mention being handed a slightly dog-eared bonkbuster by a friend for reading in the pool.  I suspect that my Kindle would never really replace my love of real-live books - so what's the point?

I'd love to hear from you if you have one.  In the meantime, I'm mulling it over.

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Mrs Dubai said...

I'm also wondering if it's time to go techno. But I love paper books too much - the smell of the print, the excitement of a crisp new book, the shelves stocked with old favourites...
I buy lots on Amazon - if you have Shop & Ship they're here within a couple of days, and far cheaper, even with shipping than buying them here. xox