Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 17 – Burn Baby Burn

Hard to tell, but this is almost as big as me.
There was a time when I accumulated handbags like pigs sniff out truffles. Whilst I’m, still partial to a new bag (still searching for a brightly coloured one to replace the Kenneth Cole yellow, if anyone has any tips) I’ve found a new obsession since living in Arabia: burners.

Burners are as much a part of culture as camels, falcons and sand. They’re used to burn Oud or Bukhoor – you’ve probably smelt this gorgeous stuff if you’ve been in any Middle Eastern area.  

I adore the woody heady scent of Bukhoor and frankincense and regularly have them burning around the house. I’ve accumulated around ten of these things, traditional, patterned, plain and visiting friends say they can smell the apartment from the moment the elevator doors open!

So I was excited to see this GIANT burner on an adventure round the Emirates. Oh, how I want one…

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