Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 18 – Starting them Young

SO giddy to learn!
The UAE is sometimes accused of a lack of culture, which I dispute. There are plenty of art galleries and creative events, if you only look for them. 

Abu Dhabi’s ‘Strategic Vision 2030’ is all about positioning the Emirate as a cultural and Leisure hub – hence Saadiyat Island with its Guggenheim and Louvre.

To really ingrain an appreciation of culture , heritage and history, I’m a firm believer in starting young: with children. Which was why it was so joyful to see this group of giddy goats scampering around Al Ain Museum one weekend.

The Guggenheim it is not, but it does have some quaint displays with really interesting information. The children were having a fabulous time with worksheets and questionnaires and for a minute I was transported back to school trips in Jersey.  We too visited museums and ancient ruins, but my absolute favourite school trips were the days on the beach. 

Really, I was destined to live in a hot climate…

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