Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 20 – Vets

Camel vet, anyone?
Pet ownership is prevalent in the Western ex-pat community here, which means that there’s a growing pet care industry. We have dog groomers, walkers, sitters and of course, vets surgeries. 

In Dubai they tend to be similar to vets I would know at home, tending to small furry and feathered creatures, with the occasional exotic type: tigers, lions and cheetahs can all turn up on occasion.

If you venture out to some of the other emirates, you’ll see vets. Whole rows of them. 

But you won’t see many cats or dogs here, no, they cater for the more traditional animal: camels (natch), horses (of course) and goats. 

Here’s a couple I spotted recently. Particularly love the signage.

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Richard Dancy said...

So how about launching Barking Mad in Dubai?!
I've got the know how - you've got the contacts....