Monday, May 07, 2012

Photo One: The Umbrella Shop

One umbrella or two, madam?!
There’s few things in life that are guaranteed.  But in Dubai, there’s a lot you can rely on: always carry 25 passport photos with you, plus copies of your passport…delivery men will be late (if they arrive at all.) 

But one thing is usually true: it doesn’t rain much here. I think we’ve had 8 hours of rainfall in the last year. Not joking.

Which is why it was comical, but also immensely optimistic, to stumble across this shop in Naif. Yes, you saw correctly: an umbrella shop.

Whilst I love the power of positive thinking, this is probably a step too far when it comes to the ideal Dubai business. Love it.

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Mrs Dubai said...

Oh no no, you must be familiar with the concept of what my son calls the "sunbrella" - carried in summer to ward off any unwanted skin-darkening and provide some mobile shade. :)