Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Day I met 35 Giraffes

Ok, I’ve been slack, I know. In my defence working 12 hour days doesn’t give me much free time to do anything, least of all blog. So what have I been up to? Working like a dog, of course.

This week I had two day trips to a new client in Abu Dhabi. Basically two amazing island projects, one which is the equivalent of building Manhattan in 5 years, the other which is a existing island which is more focuses on nature and safari. I met giraffes!

Here is a summary of what shall from now on be called: The Day I met 35 Giraffes. As part of a meeting.

5 am Get up. Fight urge to cry and go back to bed.
520 am leave house. Drive to meet colleagues.
545 am Squash into Toyota Yaris with 5 colleagues.

Drive for 1.5 hour to reach client office. Stand outside office for half an hour as client only sent updated agenda with earlier meeting time to us, no one else. Also, meeting times her are something to aim for, not to stick to.

Sit outside car in a Will Smith Summertime style and listen to 90’s music. Take photos of world’s second largest mosque.

Drive for another two hours through the desert in the direction of Saudi. Past the most enormous queues of people at the last gas station (diesel ran out here last week…ironic, eh?). make client stop car so we can stock up on food, drink, reading material. Watch fighter jets fly overhead.

9am Arrive at jetty. Get onto very small boat, put on lifejacket. Spend the next half an hour fearing for my life as we cross possibly the choppiest water I have ever seen. People were actually screaming, me included. Get soaked to the skin – and I mean, head to toe, by the enormous waves coming over the side. Spend rest of day picking salt off my face and legs.

Spend rest of morning touring island in coach. Intermittently get off and stand in 50 degree heat to take photos of giraffes, lots of different types of antelope, and ostrich. Interest in these is high in the morning, wanes massively by 3 pm.

4 pm. Get back onto boat. Repeat horrific morning experience, only this time do not get wet.

Drive 4 hours to get home.

9 pm. Arrive home. Drag a hairbrush thorugh my matted hair, have shower, read OK magazine. Collapse.

Marvel at fact I spent my day looking at animals. Vow to catch the seaplane there next time.

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