Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sand, planes and camels

Spent a delightful day and evening at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort last Friday. The actually hotel itself was looking a little dated, but the amazing part of it is that it is set in beautiful lush green grounds (yes, in the desert) and is right on the beach.

You’d think I would spend a lot of time on the beach, but as I think I’ve explained, it’s dark by the time I get home from work, and it’s too hot to spend too much time there at the weekend. This Friday it was very windy, and this, combined with my strategy of: ‘refuse to do anything other than lie under two, not one beach umbrellas’ made sure that despite the 45 degree heat, it was quite bearable. I even actually sunbathed for an hour at 5 pm.

Every now and then we were disturbed by a sea plane landing and taking off (for some reason this made me think of Miami Vice!) and there was even a camel strolling past at one point (imagine my excitement!). But other than that it was a matter of deciding which copy of OK magazine to read next and whether it was too early for wine. (Never too early.) Bliss.

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