Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mana'ish Day

One of the best parts of living in Dubai is definitely the food. The restaurants here are amazing and usually cheaper than back home. Of course there’s the fancy ones – Gordon Ramsey has a gaff here, as does Gary Rhodes, but my favourites are the more spit and sawdust Lebanese and Turkish places.
Here you can get all manner of gorgeous dips, breads, and salads, more than enough for two people, with left-overs to take home, for less than ten quid.
One of my favourites is a bread called Mana’ish – a folded flat bread filled with cheese, herbs, or spinach. And every Thursday (our Friday) we have Mana’ish Day, where one of our very cool lounge areas is filled with the delicious stuff, and the whole agency piles in and stuffs themselves.
It really does create a lot of excitement – especially for me, as you can imagine. Piles of food! First thing in the morning! Hmmm now I understand what everyone means when they say: watch out for the Dubai stone…..

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