Thursday, August 07, 2008

Like Buses

You know the old saying, you wait ages for a blog update, then they all come along at once.....last week I visited the Jumeirah Mosque, about 10 mins from our house. It's one of the only mosques which is open to non-muslims, and has mini tours every Saturday morning at 10.
As a woman you must cover arms, legs and head (thank goodness for the Christian Lacroix headscarf Mrs H gave me before I left!).

It's a spectacular building from the outside, and just as beautiful inside too. very calming, and beautiful colours. A huge array of people, some tourists and some residents, and we all sat cross legged on the floor and listened to Firaz tell us all about Islam.

I wouldn't even attempt to go into what he explained for fear of getting the facts wrong and offending people, suffice to say it is a much misunderstood religion and utterly fascinating.

My Muslim colleagues now dread long car journeys with me as I barrage them with questions about it all - to the point where one has now bought me in a textbook to find out more. Nosy, me?!

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