Sunday, August 17, 2008

Desert Adventure

It’s amazing how much you can fit into one day off. This Friday we drove to Hatta, about an hour and a half away, just before the checkpoint for the Oman border. It’s a popular destination for visa runs. It’s the perfect way of getting out of Dubai, it really feels like you’re in a different world. After about 20 minutes you are completely in the desert. Beautiful red and gold sand, bizarre shops at the side of the road, and goats, yes goats, running free as you drive past.

We stopped and had lunch at a very sweet hotel, then set off back. Minor near-accident experience when cars in front slammed on their hazard lights (very normal here and done at the drop of a hat even when cars are just slowing down). As we drove by to see what the problem was, the culprits were revealed: two donkeys! Very calmly making their way across the highway. I watched from behind my handbag for fear the fellas would get run over, but they were fine. Very casually strolled across, in their own time.

And, at last, you’ll be delighted to hear, I saw wild camels. Strolling along, happy as you like, minding their own business. As you can imagine I was beside myself with excitement, and finally found a use for our binoculars!

Even more exciting, I discovered this place. Perhaps an alternative to the dog grooming career?!

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