Sunday, August 10, 2008


The view from my window, looks something like this – there’s a horrendous sandstorm – so bad that I can hardly see the building next to us. Very bizarre and quite scary looking – I’m not looking forward to driving home from work tonight!

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Claire James said...

I trust you got home OK after the sandstorm? How things are moving on at good old Photolink! Sara is going next Thursday and at this point the bottom will fall out of my world! Thankfully we have a fab junior called Kate who is proving to be invaluable. We have found a couple of potential replacements but I'm about to tell Jane that the one who is most competent is going to want a £30K salary - nice work if you can get it - remember when I was paid £23K for being a senior account manager at CPR! This short term contract is like the proverbial never ending piece of string - it does help to pay my tax bills but its getting harder to juggle my own work around it. Roll on them finding a new head of PR - at least this will keep Vanessa and Theresa happy (neither of whom know that Sara is leaving). Anyway, just wanted to rant for a bit and enquire as to your health - sounds like life over there is suiting you - if life continues to be as hectic over here I might be joining you!!