Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What, no canines?

I was driving along the road this week when a very unusual sight greeted me: two very excited dogs being taken for a walk. This is a very unusual sight here. They don’t like dogs…or cats..or any sort of pets really. Dogs are banned from most parks and beaches, aside from the odd one, and even then they can only go at certain times.

The influx of ex-pats is certainly changing things – we’re allowed dogs in our apartment complex – in fact so far I have met:

One black Labrador puppy (very bouncy with extra long tongue)
One grey poodle (large diamante collar)
One small hairy brown sausage dog (like small rug or wig with legs)

It must be hard having a dog here with nowhere to walk it. There has also been a case where residents who had been told they could have pets no longer can, and are now facing the prospect of having to re-home their furry friends.

It’s a shame, in my opinion.

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