Sunday, October 19, 2008

Egg Chasing

I have tickets for one of the hottest events in Dubai’s social calendar – the Rugby 7’s in November! Am not great at sitting through an entire rugby game (although I did watch the England final last year – I was in Galway, and the atmosphere overtook me completely), but Rugby 7’s is a different matter entirely. So much faster than conventional rugby, so no time to get bored.

The last time I watched 7’s was at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Before the stadium was handed over to Manchester City football club, the stadium was covered on three sides only. In typical Manchester form it pixxed it down all day, and in typical form, I was sat in the end without a roof! Still, it was great fun.

Am slightly concerned about horror stories of the weather last year (apparently the rain was torrential last year) and also of tales of 3 hour queues for a taxi home. So (this being Dubai) we’ve sorted a driver for the day. Shame I can’t guarantee the weather!

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