Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Joyous Day – Strictly Come Dancing!

You can’t get any decent UK TV here in Dubai (I will expand on this later. I now know most celebrities’ True Hollywood Stories, but there is very little to tickle the old brainbox apart from this)

You can watch tv on the BBC website. BUT the BBC website doesn’t work outside of the UK.

This has led to me having to purchase a complicated piece of equipment (do not ask me to explain, suffice to say it has taken me 4 long months to work it out) which will allow me to get around this and watch it anyway. I finally got it to work yesterday!
You can imagine my excitement as I sat glued to my laptop for four hours watching the main Strictly shows and also ‘It Takes Two’ from BBC 2. What a treat! I howled with laughter for most of it – WHAT IS WRONG WITH GARY RHODES he is a complete idiot!
A good old fashioned family show, great outfits, make-up and fake tan everywhere. I was genuinely in heaven for an hour and a half.

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