Sunday, October 12, 2008

So, How Cold Does it Get?

October has been a treat so far as the temperature has finally dropped. It’s now a cool 36-37 degrees in the day time, and about 30 at night. Divine! It must be a sure sign that I’ve settled in here, considering these temperatures not only completely normal and bearable, but a relief. Last month was nasty, not only hot but VERY humid – as high as 60-70%.

It’s cooled down enough to walk up to the bars, hotels and restaurants near our apartment – a very pleasant 10 minute walk. The novelty of walking anywhere in Dubai is not to be under-estimated!

So now my thoughts have turned to this: just how cold is it going to get? My number one favourite thing about Dubai is the weather, and if this goes too far downhill, well, there will be trouble!

Everyone from friends to colleagues to clients has a different view on the weather. Some people say it gets very cold – cold enough for tights, knee high boots and a winter coat, if this is the case, I am not going to be happy. Others say this is complete balderdash and it won’t get below 23 at the lowest in the day.

A colleague says that children walk to school wearing hats and gloves, and some construction workers wear balaclavas! It should be interesting anyway, especially as our apartment is completely devoid of any heating whatsoever.

Anyway, today is blue sky and sunshine, for a change. How can I ever face English weather again?

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The Hillman Family said...

Hello there - love the blog!
We've done "winter" here and I can assure you:
1 - no tights needed (thank the Lord)
2 -Knee high boots - purely for fashion
3 - You will probably need a jumper and fashionable scarf
4 - you will definitely need a 13 tog duvet (our villa got very cold last February in the middle of the night)!

Hope this reassures you and keep blogging!