Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A sobering read

I came across this article on the Guardian's website (god bless online news to save me from the mediocrity here!)

Finally someone has said what everyone who lives here cannot fail to recognise. Whether you’re a visitor to Dubai, or a resident, you can’t help but notice that the city is being built by an army of imported labour. Construction workers are ever present, at the side of every road, every turn you take, either doing small jobs (sweeping the road with a dustpan and brush – surely a never-ending job – we’re in the desert) or grappling with enormous road, bridge or residential projects.
When you spend a bit more time here you notice another army of people, those in the service industry. Whether you’re in a bar, restaurant, hairdressers or shop, chances are you will be served by someone from another country who has come here to earn more than they could at home, and send money back to their family. They sometimes tell you shocking stories of their lives back home, and how they are trying to make a better life for themselves here.

You can look at it as a positive for them – they have a better life and standard of living here, and are managing to support their families. But the fact is, they still earn a pittance here.

It's one of those very uncomfortable truths about living in Dubai. What to do?

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