Monday, February 15, 2010

Comfort Over Style?

Call me shallow, call me image-obsessed, but there’s nothing that motivates me to exercise more than a new gym outfit. Well, a cute instructor certainly helps too…as does having a good friend with me to laugh and spur me on…I digress. After all the bootcamping and walking to work recently my trainers (sorry, sneakers) are looking extremely dog-eared, and aren’t that comfy any more. Thankfully we’re in the middle of a shopping festival here in Dubai (other countries have cultural events, we focus on malls) and whilst this doesn’t usually float my boat – too many old sale items dredged up from the last time they had a sale, this time round there’s bargains to be had.

So it was with a song in my heart and a literal spring in my step that I muntered over to Dubai Mall with the lovely Vikki at the weekend and found a huge sale in Reebok. We kept the sales staff and security guard entertained and on their toes as we tried on no less than fifteen pairs each. Question: are you officially old when you buy trainers based on comfort and not fashion?!

Anyway, they were all so cheap (20 quid) that I bought two pairs. There’s a simple rule in Dubai: if you see something that you lie in a shop, buy it. You may never see the like of it again. Which is why I also snaffled up a gorgeous inky blue slinky dress – not sure when I’m going to wear it, but when an occasion does present itself, I won’t have to go hunting round the shops. Anyway, I’ve already worn one pair of trainers on the daily walk to work yesterday, and tonight I’ll be road-testing the second pair at bootcamp. When I say comfort over style, let’s be clear: they’re still gorgeous looking pink and silver things. Which co-ordinate rather nicely with the pink vest I snapped up. Did someone say shallow? Now if only I could pay attention to the rest of my appearance when exercising…I think that's a step too far...

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