Sunday, February 07, 2010

Home Sweet Home?

Manchester: you can’t beat it. I always marvel when I return (which isn’t nearly as often as I’d like) at how much everything still feels so familiar, and as if I’ve never left. It’s a city with a palpable heartbeat and swagger, and I’m always so happy to be home. Even if it’s only for 48 hours.

And talking of things that are the same…..our favourite waiter at the Lowry still works there – and greeted me with a huge hug and a kiss. Gorgeous. The same girls still work in Superdrug and some of the bars…..bizarre but strangely comforting.

The people have a sense of humour and personality: case in point. I walked into HSBC and the girl in front of me drooped her purse, and money everywhere. As I stopped to help her, she thanked me, adding, in a very broad Northern accent: “I don’t know what happened, me purse has gone BONKERS!” This really tickled me. Anyway. Thanks to Manchester’s most eligible bachelor for putting me up, and to the gorgeous girls and boys who made sure that our usual bases were covered off: champagne, cocktails and catch ups. Love you all.

An unexpected bonus: I managed to pick up a couple of bikinis (not to mention piles and piles of work clothes and cosmetics – par for the course really.) I cannot wait to give them an airing next weekend on a Dubai beach. Manchester: I love you. But you can keep your weather!

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