Sunday, February 28, 2010


Those that know me well will know that sleep has never been easy for me. How I envy people who can sleep at the drop of a hat, wherever they are. It’s the one ability that I would love to have. (Ok, ok, not the only one. Being able to play the piano, properly, would be another. Or to have some actual useful worthwhile skill, like being a surgeon, would be another.) For years I’ve struggled to sleep and can only drop off with the aid of ear plugs and a sleep mask. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to try to wean myself off the ear plugs. The building site outside my bedroom window has quietened down considerably, and I always have a nagging worry about not hearing the fire alarm, so it seemed a good time to start.

How wrong I was. For the last two weeks I haven’t had one night of unbroken sleep (apart from one but as that was a result of a vatful of champagne so I’m not sure that counts). This morning, as I was woken up by the mother of all thunderstorms, I conceded defeat. Popped in the earplugs and….slept like a baby until my alarm clock rudely awoke me. If it works, why fight it

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