Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Weighty Issue

I need to preface this post by saying that I’m not weight obsessed, and never have been. I’ve always been more interested in how I feel, and whether or not my clothes fit, and I've never owned a set of scales. In Manchester I walked to and from work (an hour in total) and was always pootling around the city centre by foot. Yes, I went to the gym, but to be honest even when I slacked off I didn’t notice a huge difference as I was so active in my day to day life.

Then I moved to Dubai, and the issue became a lot more pressing. A combination of 12 hour days and 40 plus degree temperatures means that for much of the year ‘pootling about’ is completely impossible, so life is much more sedentary. I’ve noticed that some of my clothes are a bit tighter, and the scales in my gym tell me I’m about 4 kilos heavier. Yikes! Anyway on a recent doctor’s visit, where they weigh you before you even get your foot in the door of the doctor’s office (double yikes), the scales revealed me to be the exact weight that I was when I arrived in Dubai. Who to believe? The doctor’s scales are electronic, and surely of the highest standards..until I know who to trust, I'm keeping up the bootcamp, walking to work and....roller-skating! Yes, roller-skating! More to follow....

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