Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Emerging Victorious

As I was trotting home last night after leaving the office at far-too-late-oclock I became a little reflective. I'm normally so busy running around that I don't do too much of this - I'm quite a live in the moment kind of gal. Anyway if you research what the most stressful experiences in life are, I realised I'd been through a fair few of them - and all in the last year....

Move house: check
Change jobs: check
Death of a loved one: check
End of a relationship: check

Moving halfway round the world isn't on the 'official' stress list but I'm prepared to wager that this amplifies all of the above by, like, at least 100%. On the last point, throw in the fact that it all happened in an underhand, deceptive, cowardly and just plain shocking way, and again, the stress chart begins to go up massively.

But here's the thing: I don't feel stressed. Au contraire, I feel the happiest and most settled that I have in years. I can't explain it, given all of the above, especially when I live in a very transient city, that you could arguably describe as one of the most 'fabulous but difficult' places to live in the world. I'm well aware that happiness isn't about money and possessions, but friends, family, and being content in yourself. And I'm definitely there. Thank the lord for being a simple soul! Anyway, that's enough reflecting: back to the moment.

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