Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Old Favourite

Did I mention that I've bought a hula hoop? I've always LOVED to hula - I even went to hula classes back at Virgin Active in Manchester. Yes, I was fabulous, as Michael can testify..! Anyway, imagine my excitement as I was walking past a local sports shop, which I walk past at least four times a week, to see that this time they had an assortment of hula hoops in the window!
I needed no encouragement and rushed in. The shop assistants were thrilled - the shop is usually deserted. Anyway after careful consideration, and a trial run of a hoop (in the doorway of the shop whilst people walked past - of course) I decided on a pink one (quelle surprise) and made off home with it.

It's a triumph! I did about 5 minutes of hula last night and boy are my sides aching today! So much fun to be had. And it cost me less than a fiver! Bonus.

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