Monday, August 10, 2009

Shape up, or Ship Out!

Call me easily influenced but thanks to a few of those ‘celebs lose weight’ stories on the Daily Mail I’ve been spurred on to throw myself into the gym these past few days. And cut down on the booze. And watch what I eat. I know! Me! Watch what I eat! Now, don’t be going thinking I’ve morphed into Hannah Waterman (bless her) but as I may have mentioned, Dubai doesn’t present the healthiest lifestyle, mainly because it’s so hard to incorporate movement into your everyday life. Back home I walked for an hour a day and made it to the gym at least twice a week. Here I walk about an hour a week, and the less said about the gym visits, the better!

One major incentive for keeping in shape here is that you're in a bikini every weekend (and some evenings!). Knowing that the general public will be able to gawp at bits you usually keep under cover does focus the mind. Lazing by the pool this weekend, it did cross my mind how body standards are not the same for men and women. Apart from one supremely fit and gorgeous guy (more on him later) most of the men at my pool are in far worse shape than their partners or female counterparts. No problem for them to let themselves go! And ladies, I'm sure we've all been there in our relationships, too.

All this healthy living does make you feel virtuous, I have to say. But there’s always the call of ladies night (free booze, in case you didn’t know). How many calories exactly are there in a glass of wine? As ever, it appears that size matters....

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