Thursday, August 06, 2009

House Guests

Last night I welcomed two guests into my apartment - of the four legged variety. Welcome Hitler and Felix! Not their real names (Layla and Lydia), but as one has a Hitler-esque tache, and one looks like the cat from the Felix adverts, these names have stuck. Un-PC, moi?

It appears that these days cats do not travel light! They arrived at my door on the trolley which the concierge usually uses when people are either moving in or arriving with bags and bags of shopping.......think Elton John's mounds of monogrammed luggage and you'd be about there. Bless them.

So fur, so good (sorry!!) They're been very brave (minimal hiding under the bed) and wasted no time in clambering onto my lap and cracking out a few z's. We've had one, ahem, fur ball incident, but I'm prepared to over look it. Let's hope they're still feline ok (sorry, again!!) when I get home tonight.

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