Tuesday, August 04, 2009

On the Move

A friend of mine is moving into my neighbourhood soon, so we’re doing the rounds of apartment viewing – fascinating. Nothing I like more than a good nosy round other people’s houses! Rents have dropped like stones in Dubai in the last year – still much, much higher than dear old Manchester (about 1300 quid a month for a one bed apartment), but better than they have been.

Amazing how quickly you adjust to a certain standard of living. These are the typical questions you have to consider when house hunting here:

Square footage
How many bathrooms (even one bed usually have a second bathroom)
Does it have a laundry room?
How big is the pool?
How many pools are there?
What times of day does it get the sun?
How comfy are the sunloungers?
Is there a gym?
If so, is there only one?
Does the gym have a steam room?
How big is the balcony?
Is there a garden?
Is there a bank/spa/hairdresser/Waitrose in the building?
How big are the fitted wardrobes?
Is there a garbage chute?
What's the view like? (Burj, gardens, sea...)

Ah, the hard times we live in.....

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