Monday, November 01, 2010

Breaking News

You probably caught Dubai in the news over the weekend: the 'suspect' packages from Yemen that were stopped at the airport...hello Middle Eastern stereotypes all over the news!  We were in the Chedi in Muscat when the news broke (pictured left is the bath in our suite: have you ever seen anything like it?!), and sat up until 2 am sipping champagne and watching the story unfold.  Let's be clear, if the world is going to end, there are much, much worse  places to be stranded.

We were gripped by the story, and as well as discussing various theories behind and around the story (truth, lies, media manipulation), one thing was paramount.  We all took it as a personal affront and attack on our home.  Let's be clear, it was obviously nothing in comparison to September 11th, or the London Bombings in 2005.  But, just like the London bombings, there were people that I loved back in Dubai, and just unlike the London bombings, I actually live in the city under threat.

 I rushed to reassure my parents that I was ok, but the news hadn't even reached Jersey!  Thankfully the whole incident was over extremely quickly without too much drama.  I know it's my own fault for reading the rag, but I was still dismayed by the comments on the Daily Mail (always more frightening than the actual stoires themselves).  With every story like this, we take a few steps backward in the eyes of the rest of the world.  A shame.

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