Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reality Check

I know I've often joked about never being able to live in a cold country again, but the longer I live in Dubai, the more this has seeped into my conscious.  And last weekend (whilst lying on the comfy sunlounger by the Chedi pool) cemented this for me.

This has led to some very interesting conversations with various members of the desert family where we've evaluated our finances, lives, and generally had a long hard look at ourselves to see whether it really is feasible.  There's no easy or quick answer to that (probably no, at the moment) but it has led me not only update the excel spreadsheet which contains all my worldly goods, but also to think more about where I'm going to make home for the rest of my days.

My favourite blogger can either read my mind or has my apartment bugged as she's written about this today.  Very interesting food for thought.

PS Photo above is me, freezing to death in Whitby. Not sure when. I think it may have been the defining moment in deciding I need to live in sunnier climes!

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