Monday, November 01, 2010

Men in Uniform

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a uniform is usually hot.  With the exception of policemen, I think it's fair to say that firemen, pilots, the military, all of these professions and their relevant uniforms can transform average looking men into men you'd look  more than twice at.  Think classic (Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentleman), think action (Tom Cruise in Top Gun) or think just plain brawn (the Baldwin brothers in Backdraft).  They all had raw sex appeal in spades.  One ex of mine confessed he'd never been as popular as the time he went to a fancy dress party dressed as a fireman.

And it goes across continents.  I'll always remember the first time I took my mum to New York (where firemen are on every street corner, and the drone of the trucks is constant background noise).  As we emerged from Macy's, there was a whole host of fire engines outside.  My mum was impressed.  "They're holding AXES!!" she exclaimed in excitement as she elbowed me out of the way for a better look.

Whilst I remain unimpressed with the (admittedly) limited exposure I've had to uniforms in this region thus far, there is one very interesting Middle Eastern equivalent: the dish dash.  I don't know what exactly it is about this outfit that appeals quite so much to me.  And to be fair, all of my female friends.

It's probably a combination of things: the elegance as men swish by, the fact that it seems to be ubiquitous to combine the dish dash with mirrored aviators, a sharp beard, and THE most hypnotizing aftershave you've ever smelt.  And just like firemen, it can transform an ordinary looking guy into a hot one.

A fact I realised today as I drove into a carpark with a colleague.  The man who greeted us (dish dash clad) looked, to me, like an arabic god.  My colleague nearly crashed the car laughing.  "Kelly, you've got to get past the costume," she said.  On second glance, she had a point.  Maybe we should all stick to Jamil (pictured left).  Every girl needs one.

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