Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dubai Dubai Dubai

You've probably realised that wherever in the world I live, I like to involve myself in the history of the place (hello Angel Meadows!) and I'm a voracious consumer of all sorts of information relating to anything that I love.  Whilst I was in Bali I raced through this fascinating book in a day.  My excited squawking was such that the girls instructed me to read all the good bits and facts out to them as they happened. This meant I pretty much read the entire book aloud!

And next week I'm attending an event featuring this book.  I'm not sure my desert family can cope with any more Dubai facts and tales from me. Oh well.  They're used to my geeky love of this place by now.  I hope.   

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Britney of Arabia said...

After attending the event, realised they are one and the same book - duh! new publisher, new cover, new name. same great content.