Sunday, November 07, 2010

If There is a Heaven...

Realised that in the midst of the general craziness that is life in Dubai, I've completely forgotten to update you on our trip to The Chedi.  It was exactly as you might imagine.....from the moment the giant chauffeur-driven Benz arrived at Muscat airport, to the moment it dropped us back, the entire trip screamed pure, unadulterated, grown-up, stylish luxury.  Made to feel all the more decadent by the fact that we were the only group of friends who were having the experience - it's very much a coupley kind of place.  And as many of the couples looked like a text-book reason as to why you could seriously stay single for the rest of your life (no talking, no eye contact, no FUN!  You're in THE CHEDI people, lighten up!) this really hit home. 

We spent the entire time ooh-ing and aah-ing in our luxury suite, which is possibly the most romantic place I've ever slept (hello Melissa!) savouring the foodie treats they dropped off for us every few hours, and trying hard not to nose-dive into the (complimentary) decanters of booze.  The pool was to die for, as was the breakfast, the lunch, the overall service, the grounds.  I could go on.

Of course one of the keys to all of this was the company: there's something particularly special about friends with whom you are just as comfortable gassing away about the really important things in life, lying in silence, or squawking over the latest celebrity break-up.  I'm blessed.

There are a couple of small observations I have about the place, which in NO WAY detract from how fabulous it is...BUT, when you're paying 1500 quid a night for a suite (plus an extra double room, so call it a round 2000 quid a night) you expect everything to be perfect, no?

Glasses: none in the suite. Tumblers for the liqour, but no wine or champagne glasses.  In a suite.  There is wine in the mini bar.
Slippers: cheap throw-away numbers that I last encountered in a Crowne Plaza.
Robe: not fair to say cheap, but thin and waffly.  Not thick and fluffy.  Maybe this is a personal thing.
Beach: not enough sun loungers to lie on the beach when we headed down at 11 am.  Staff refused to move some for us.  After a lot of discussion, the staff did help us, and we ended up by one of the lovely pools, so no sweat, but at 2k a night, I'd like to lie where I want to...and that was the beach.

Now, call me hard to please, say I've been Dubai-ed, and also throw into the mix the fact that I'm a PR person who is perhaps more conscious than the average consumer when it comes to customer service.  And feel free to ignore all of the above.  It's a fabulous place and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.  If only I had unlimited time and money.  Next stop: Singapore...

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Mrs Dubai said...

OMG, you are glamour on legs. Glad you had such a fab time!!