Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back To School

Just beautiful..
One of the things I love about Dubai is that even after almost four years, I still stumble across exciting new things and experiences. Take last weekend for example. I’ve caught an abra across the creek COUNTLESS times. I’m always strolling through the spice and toy souks, stocking up on Frankincese and and soaking up the atmos.  And yet, after taking a few twists and turns through unfamiliar alleyways, I found THE most beautiful old restored school.  

Al Ahmadiya School was the first regular school in Dubai, opened way back in 1912 when life was hotter and harsher.  It’s been beautifully restored, and as it’s most definitely off the beaten track, we had the place almost all to ourselves. Treat! I felt a bit like Indiana Jones, only with better shoes, more make up and over-sized sunglasses.

There’s a gorgeous Heritage House next door which is just as exciting (yes, I know I’m a geek). The gift shop alone was worth the visit - they're selling the most beautiful dirham purses, currently in Galleries Layfayette at 300DH for just....15DH. I had to check the price twice and felt like I'd robbed the shop keeper as I skipped out with a handful!

There’s something very intriguing about these beautiful old buildings next to the creek. If you close your eyes to the glittering skyscrapers for a minute, you can almost drift back to days when life in Dubai revolved around pearl diving and dhows…simpler but tougher times.  

We also came across the cutest hotel which I’ve earmarked for a night’s stay. As we headed back to the abra station the adhan kicked in and it was nothing short of beautiful. I’m not sure what I’d do without my weekly creek fixes!

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