Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing a Big Bush

What I'm aiming for...
Despite having a father who has green fingers for a living, I’ve never been very good in the garden or plant department. Back in the UK I did at one point have a very large garden, which involved a lawn and a mower. Needless to say I paid a man to sort this for me….

When I moved into the city centre I swapped a garden for balcony, and after killing a wide variety of foliage I settled on the perfect solution: artificial plants. They were expensive but very realistic, and I figured that in the long run, I was saving money. Not to mention lives.

Since moving to Dubai I’ve completely eschewed plant life, despite a variety of lovely balconies. My main priority has been comfy seating from which to watch the world go by and (most importantly) to recline on whilst in bikini with trashy mags and a G&T.

That changed last weekend – maybe it’s the cooler weather, maybe it was my good mood, maybe it was the giddy plant seller next to the ‘Falcon Café’ (no, really) just off Sheikh Zayed Road…who knows. But I found myself back at home with TWO bougainvilleas – one a short fat bush, the other taller and skinner. Both beautiful and full of pink and yellow flowers.

The terrible weather and wind that howls round the balcony has meant I’ve kept the little guys in the lounge all week, but this weekend I shall be ensconcing them in their new sunny home. I’m really quite excited! Let’s see how they take to it.  My (green) fingers are crossed.

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